Step into your inner beauty and let it show up in the physical world. Empower yourself. See yourself from a whole new perspective. Own your beauty in the most awesome way. Tap into your essence more deeply using your spirit, raw emotion, body and movement. 


Imagine stepping into the most beautiful of environments, slipping into a sea, the woods, or a rolling grass knoll. Imagine that all your worries and doubts can fall away as you slip into lace and wools beneath the trees, or leathers and glitters rolling free in the sand. Self love is the most vital step toward a beautiful life. You are aligned with the highest beauty on this planet, and to experience yourself in this way is an amazing way to transform your sense of self, in order to show up in the world in the most awesome and provocative way. Far from vanity. It is a celebration of the self.

And that self is not only beautiful, it is also a creator. By engaging with your sensual self through form, textures and colors in a specific environment, you are adding something special to the universe in the way all artists do. Your personal style - your hair, your jewelry, those badass boots, will be like lyrics of a song. This very special day is a day for you to let go, be free with your body and spirit, whether elegantly or wild and sexy. The journey to Our Lady Stardust is powerful. The glory is in seeing that that power belongs to you. 


We will begin with either a phone call or a meet up (if that's convenient) for the initial consultation, so we can start to flesh out your vision and goals for the shoot. The images will have so much more value if there is some clarity as to the place within you we want to tap into, to open up an express in full blossoming beauty.

From there we will begin to discuss mood, themes, wardrobe, and the best locations to draw that experience upon. It will be important to have a sense as to what you are hoping to wear and any personal props you may want to us in a symbolic sense, so that these are aligned in a way that brings all of these elements together. I can help provide  wardrobe if need be, though I recommend making the shoot as personal to you as possible. 

I can offer a wide variety of locations, ranging from beaches, lakes, grassy knolls, the redwoods, waterfalls, and urban areas, and can also provide a super special studio environment equipped with an amazing stylist if thats more your speed. 

As we continue to talk, the many ideas will begin to take flight in a fantastic way. 


Click the link below to read my clients thoughts on their shoot experiences.


I offer three distinct packages based on both the length of the shoot you prefer and the number of final images you wish to have, though if your budget requires we find a more perfect middle ground based on your specific wishes, I am more than happy to be flexible and find that place together. 




  • The full day shoot of 4-5 hours is the most popular and rewarding package, with a guaranteed minimum of 16 professional fully edited digital images. This time frame allows us to visit a few locations nearby to one another and play with several wardrobe changes. This most comprehensive and transformational shoot includes an initial consultation so that come shoot day we have a the clearest vision as to what you want capture and express. During the consultation, we will address the mood and spirit you wish to portray, discuss wardrobe and location and establish your boundaries for both the shoot and social media use afterward. I will be able to assess character and make suggestions on all fronts in order to identify your inner hero and develop it into something grand and cinematic so we can achieve the most joyful, fulfilling experience and capture the most beautiful images possible. Highly recommended if this is your first shoot.




  • Been dreaming of a photoshoot, but you only have the time or budget to get your feet wet? This three hour shoot is perfect if you simply want to begin to explore the possibilities of framing your divine feminine through unforgettable images, achieving renewal and empowerment while keeping your commitment manageable. You’ll receive a free consultation and a minimum of 12 professional fully edited images.




  • Already have a portfolio that just needs some new material? This one and a half hour shoot is ideal if you simply want to give your book some new life and electricity. Two looks at two locations, with a free consultation beforehand to be sure your brand is both consistent and moving forward. Guarantees a minimum of 8 professional fully edited images. For return clients and experienced models only.


  • A deposit equal to half the shoot fee must be submitted in order to hold the shoot date. This is not refundable. The remainder of the fee is due within two days prior to the shoot. Cancellations and reschedules within 10 days or less of the shoot date will be billed a $150 fee, and it must be paid by the original shoot date. If you are redeeming a promo offer, the deposit will remain equal to the original pricing of the shoot, and the discount will be applied to the remainder of the fee.

  • Additional images may be purchased in packages of either $150 for 10 images or $300 or 20 images.

  • Unless shooting locally, all travel expenses must be compensated at a rate of $45 for each half hour.

  • All images are delivered digitally via Dropbox cloud sharing platform. I you would like professional prints, I am happy to provide these to you at cost plus and additional $75 service fee per print.


Let's shoot! Kindly send me a letter using the form below so you can tell me about your goals for this shoot, as well as select your preferred package and shoot date. You may secure your date by clicking the PayPal link below and submitting your deposit. Then we can begin your journey to empowerment.

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You may secure your shoot date simply by logging into your PayPal account and submitting a deposit of half the shoot fee to ourladystardust@gmail.com.