Welcome to my creative portfolio, featuring photography  relative to the themes of beauty, love, sex and creation. Specifically, the power within all of us to harness these moments through connecting with what I like to call "Our Lady Stardust", that part within each of us that is unabashed, possesses animal grace, sees the fiery beauty within both our light and our dark. It can exist within a landscape. Three chords, perhaps. And that beautiful muse, who can teach and touch others by revealing their own strange, naked magic and leave some invisible, sensual glitter behind. I am most passionately informed by music and cinema; when these two art forms align at their highest magic, I would like to think I have taken a snapshot of that most visceral feeling.

While I have always admired the female form and portraying it in artistic terms, what I enjoy most is giving the gift of empowerment. To be a liaison for others to express themselves in ways they might otherwise be too embarrassed, ashamed or nervous to, and the transformation and healing it encourages, is a beautiful thing to me. If you are looking for it, that beauty can fall like a sunrise and rain all over you. Any one of us can bathe within it if we so uncensor ourselves. Every woman is a goddess in her own special way. This is a look at that world through my particular lens. Thank you for Stardusting with me. 


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