"Scott's not only a talented artist and photographer, but an authentic soul who makes you feel at ease from the start. What makes working with him amazing is his keen ability to hold space for women to explore who they are and celebrate what emerges. From the first conversation, I could tell he truly understood the journey to empowerment as if it was his own and his dedication to this comes through in the photos. Through light, angles, mood, and composition he captured beautiful images of me that moved me to tears. For the first time, I saw myself as a woman who embodies her power and it has changed my self perception and what I feel I deserve in my life - a true gift." ~ Jen Legaspi

"I recently did a photo shoot with Scott Burgess and it was absolutely phenomenal on so many levels. I was super nervous and worried about not "posing right" or doing a "good job." When I met Scott, he was so respectful and professional, and made me feel super comfortable right off the bat. With this being one of my first real professional shoots, that is very important to feel comfortable. We grabbed some lunch prior to the shoot, and then we headed out to the beautiful forest. I love nature as it is, so being able to be with nature and really crawl all over the lovely earth was extremely healing for me. The whole shoot felt like a healing session I must say. I felt completely liberated, confident, and beautiful after the shoot. The next morning I woke up feeling AMAZING! (extremely sore from poses) but nonetheless, so confident and overall healed. I have spent a lot of time struggling with my sexuality and my Divine Feminine and really owning what that means, and this was the thing to really set it all off. I am so grateful to have gotten the chance to work and connect with Scott. He is truly just great at his work. You can see his passion in his eyes when he talks about it. He puts his true personality and passion into this work, which is what makes it so unique and special. I highly recommend all women who are looking to really feel confident and comfortable in their bodies to do a shoot with Scott. Truly a genius at this work. Thank you so much!" ~ Savana Rollins

"Scott Is one talented photographer who puts so much effort in creating the vision you want for yourself, and turns it into a reality in such a beautiful way you can't help but feel speechless. He made me feel like the goddess I am and I am so humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to work with him and experience his creativity first hand. I strive to work with him again. The prints I already have will last me a lifetime, and yet, there is so much more to create with a genius photographer like him. Thank you, Scott, for helping every woman feel her goddess radiance." ~ Megumi Fujita

"Woohoo! Ladies, do THIS! Save this moment in time with some awesome, extraordinary photos by Scott!! All bodies, all sizes and shapes, even if you've never done a photo shoot before, Scott works hard to make you look and feel empowered and beautiful!" ~ Deb Arana

"Truly an inspiration to work with. I appreciate the empowerment I receive after each shoot with Scott. He has quite the eye, and its such a pleasure to work with someone so talented and dedicated to his art and your experience. If you have never done a photo shoot with Scott before, I highly recommend it." ~ Claire Young

"Scott is so comfortable to work with, such a creative force to learn from. The photos you get from this shoot are going to leave a unique impression on all who see." ~ Carly Anne

"Awesome! So my friend Frankie did a few shoots with him and I had always wanted sexy photos taken of myself and I loved that his were out in nature. So Scott and I planned for a few weeks. My focus was sexy, but you can make the shoot whatever you want- beautiful, unique poses, aggressive, etc. I got really into it and sent him a million clothing options and practice shots, and he would plan out outfits and help me get comfortable to go for it in photos. And then the day of we spent nearly five hours taking photos! It started with some pics in his gorgeous backyard and he just made me so comfortable I was just letting loose and going for it. We took nudes in these gorgeous rivers, woods, open grass valleys, etc. The day itself was one of my favorites and we're talking about doing another just for fun. I definitely feel myself in a whole new, amazing way." ~ Mary Nash

"Scott is the first photographer I've ever worked with and my experiences working with him have been truly transformational. He has provided hands down the most empowering experience I could have asked for in such a vulnerable new time. He allowed and held space for my own expression, but also offered guidance when I felt lost and showed me the beauty in what was uncomfortable. He helped me process through some really tough emotions that arose during the shoot, so he genuinely cared about my experience and made sure I received what I wanted out of the shoot. More than that, he has encouraged me during our shoots, and life especially, to be unedited, unfiltered, raw! and WILD within whatever emotions come up  to capture the true, PURE essence of that beautiful moment! That moment, every photo, being the beginning of a new journey. Oh my god, I'm just getting so happy and teary eyes thinking about how much these shoots have helped me blossom into all aspects of my femininity. I love you Scott, thank you." ~ Sydney Wallach

"I never thought I would do a photo shoot in my life. I always thought of myself as the dorky girl next door type. I am forever thankful I decided to shoot with Scott. He brought something out of me I didn't know I had in there. He is a true pleasure to work with. Take the chance ladies and work with this amazing photographer at such a great price. You won't regret it!" ~ Paiton Matyas

"Shooting with Scott has always been a positive and empowering experience. In addition to being a talented artist with a clear and unique vision, his professionalism, sensitivity, creativity, and commitment have made every set a huge success in my mind. He makes every effort to ensure his subject’s comfort during the shoot, constantly keeping open communication about comfort level, taking breaks when needed, and addressing any concerns about location and wardrobe. I have always been blown away by the results of the photographs, but what makes them so special is not just the fantastic skill with which they were clearly taken and edited, but also the enjoyable experience in which they were created. " ~ Frankie Tan

"Scott is an artist - he sees and captures each subjects individual beauty and likes to tell a story with each shoot. Creating glimpses in time of everyone from bad bitches to modern mystics, Scott tries to focus his work on making women feel beautiful and empowered." ~ Marisa Gregory

"Definitely one of my first photo shoots where I felt in control and empowered by my body. Gotta love yourself and what you look like. Scott's photos are a unique representation of the beauty and power in mankind." ~ Vanessa Leigh

" I consider my first photo shoot to be with Scott, because it was such a great learning experience! SO good at making you feel comfortable and empowered. Plus he's such a great director, so the shots always turn out incredible. Thanks for being amazing, Scott." ~ Chevelle Meeks